Sonologia 2016 – Out of Phase is an international sound studies conference that will take place in São Paulo, Brazil. The event that comes at a time where the field of sound studies –  designated locally as Sonologia since the 2000s – has been consolidated in Brazil and marked by a distinctive emphasis on cross-disciplinary research: computer science and acoustics; anthropology; gender studies; cultural, performance and media studies; new musicology; experimental, popular and contemporary music; and sound art.

In this sense, we feel that is high time to promote work done both nationally and in Latin America. In doing so, we hope to establish fruitful dialogues with researchers coming from other parts of the world, thus enabling a platform for new perspectives regarding current discussions in the field.

This framework contextualises the ‘out of phase’ theme, that while referring to a technical and theoretical jargon in sound, encompasses a strong metaphorical stance towards the need to incorporate views that are of out-of-sync or in opposite polarity regarding a possible familiarity in contemporary sonic theory and practice.

Sonologia 2016 – Out of Phase  is organised by NuSom – Research Centre on Sonology, University of São Paulo. Activities will mostly be held at the Centro de Pesquisa e Formação do SESC.