Sonologia 2016 – Out of Phase is organised by  NuSom – Research Center on Sonology  at the University of São Paulo – Brazil. This center is dedicated to the development of academic research in an interdisciplinary environment integrating disciplines oriented towards the sound studies, the critical reflection on music and sound arts, and the research in the music technology.

NuSom develops academic, scientific and artistic activities based on the following proposals:

  1. the integration of artistic production, technological research and critical reflection in an unified process
  2. the creation of collective artistic works focused on an experimental perspective
  3. the blurring of the boundaries between academic / institutional environment and informal production
  4. the addressing of sound studies issues through an interdisciplinary approach

Organising Committee


Fernando Iazzetta is a Brazilian composer and performer. He teaches music technology and electroacoustic composition at the University of São Paulo and is the director of NuSom – Research Centre on Sonology at the same university. His works have been presented in concerts and music festivals in Brazil and abroad. As a researcher he has been interested in the investigation of experimental forms of music and sound art. He also runs a record label and studio – the LAMI – at the University of São Paulo. He currently is a research fellow at CNPq, the Brazilian National Council of Scientific and Technological Development. Since 2010 he is the consultant for the Arts Committee at FAPESP – the São Paulo Research Foundation.


Lilian Campesato is a Brazilian performer, researcher and curator interested in investigating experimental forms of music and sound art. Her works explore the use of voice and gesture in combination with interactive electronics and audiovisual resources. She regularly presents performances in festivals and alternative venues in Brazil and abroad, such as Portugal, Spain, UK, France, Denmark, Argentina, Colombia. She holds a PhD in musicology from the University of São Paulo (USP) with a thesis on the process of aestheticisation of noise in music. She currently is a research associate at the NuSom – Research Centre on Sonology at USP. Her main research interests are the use of noise in music and experimental forms of artistic production. She was one of the founders of Sonora, a collective dedicated to the discussion of women in music in Brazil.


Rui Chaves is a Portuguese sound artist, performer and researcher. His research and work foregrounds a discussion of presence — both physical and authorial in the process of making sound art: an endeavour that is informed by a contemporary critical inquiry and exploration of the thematics of body, place, text and technology. He has presented his work in several institutions and events throughout the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Canada, Portugal and Germany. He holds a PhD in music from Queen’s University Belfast. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at NuSom with a research project focusing on creating an online ‘archive’ of Brazilian sound art.