The research at NuSom is related to five fields:

  1. Sonology: research on processes of creation and reception of elements related to art forms based on sound
  2. Interactive Systems Development: study, design and development of systems for artistic creation and performance based on interactive processes
  3. Artistic Production: creation processes per se, performed by artists connected to the Centre. The processes to be considered shall focus on experimental methods and techniques, geared towards the interaction between languages and the use of tools and spaces specifically designed for artistic creation
  4. Interdisciplinary Interfaces: integration of disciplines related to Sonology with other areas related to academic and artistic research, bringing together disciplines to give room to the exploratory analysis of socio-cultural, cognitive, historical and technological aspects of artistic creation
  5. Musical Acoustics, Psychoacoustics and Auralization: analysis of sound as perceptive and physical phenomenon, as well as the relationships between sound, space and listening.