Palestra com Olivier Warusfel (IRCAM): High-resolution sound field analysis-synthesis for 3D audio applications

High-resolution sound field analysis-synthesis for 3D audio applications.
By Olivier Warusfel (IRCAM)

Local: sala 12 do CMU
Sexta-feira, dia 29 de maio, às 10h30

Apoio: AES Brasil

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The analysis of room acoustics nowadays benefit from high-resolution sound field characterization based on the combination of spherical microphone arrays (SMA) and spherical loudspeaker arrays (SLA). Several applications can be derived from such multiple-input / multiple-output (MIMO) systems such as the analysis of dominant room reflections or the auralization of room acoustics with faithful rendering of its spatial attributes. We will introduce a preliminary study, undertaken in collaboration with Universidade de São Paulo (BR) and Università di Parma (IT), that aims at collecting Directional Room Impulse Responses (DRIR) in various concert halls. Besides this room acoustics application, we will illustrate on-going projects at IRCAM where DRIRs are exploited in convolution-based reverberators for 3D audio-mixing applications. In this particular context, the sound engineer will typically want to fine tune the perceptual attributes of the original DRIRs in order to better fit the aesthetic of the mixing. Such parametric control requires the development of an analysis-synthesis framework that operates on a space-time-frequency representation of the DRIRs. Finally, the ever-growing expansion of mobile devices calls for the deployment of broadcast solutions able to deliver 3D audio content and that allow for a personalized binaural rendering over headphones on the end user side. The collaborative project BiLi, coordinated by France Television (French funding program FUI), addresses the different steps of this workflow, from 3D audio content recording and mixing to its delivery over network, its perceptual assessment and the necessary definition of a data format for storing and exchanging HRTFs.

sexta-feira, Maio 29, 2015 - 10:30